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    Aqua Pages
    The Global Online Community for ALL Who LOVE the WATER

    Aqua Pages™ Mission:

    More FUN On the Water ... With More People ... In More Places

    Aqua Pages™ is designed for the serious / casual / would-be SCUBA Diver / Sailor / Fisherman / Swimmer / Boater / Canoeist / Kayaker. Aqua Pages is a Service for the Global Community of these people, clubs and advertisers who have one thing in common: a Love of being on, in or by the water.

    To pick on one sport, the MORE ... Tab looks at how Aqua Pages can serve the SCUBA Community. Aqua Pages will do similar things for other Aquatic Communities.

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Aqua Pages

A Community devoted to all things Aquatic:
Sports - Commerce - Conservation
Aqua Pages MISSION

The Aqua Pages Mission
A Community Devoted to all Things Aquatic: Sports -- Commerce -- Conservation

The Aqua Pages Goal
To give everyone who shares a common passion - love of the water, and everything surrounding it - a single place to gather, share their enthusiasm and interests, and help others grow their love of everything aquatic.

It'ss that simple. Aqua Pages is that place. If you happen to be a sailor, on Aqua Pages you can: send another sailor a message, share pics from the latest regatta, sell your old sail and look for a used (or new) dinghy, find a sailing school in your area, find a sailboat charter in the BVIs (British Virgin Islands), read articles on racing techniques in regional and national sailing publications, post questions and answers to forums frequented by sailors around the world (and in your own neighborhood), etc. etc. etc. ...

All Aquatic Interests
The Aqua Pages Community makes all of this possible. Not only can sailors do all of these things (and so much more), but also SCUBA divers, Fishermen, Wakeboarders, Water Skiers, Surfers, Kayakers - anyone with a love of the water can be a member of the Aqua Pages Community.

Ease & Simplicity
Before Aqua Pages, there was no single place to easily find everything you needed to really enjoy your sport. One site offered blogs, another classifieds, another social networking, yet another eCommerce deals, and another... and another...

Thanks to the Aqua Pages Community, you longer have to visit dozens of sites. Now, everything is available in one, single site: Aqua Pages.

The Aqua Pages Community is a place to find other local enthusiasts. The Community is also a place to find local, regional, national, and international leaders in each of the major Sports and Issues. These leaders form the core of the Aqua Pages Editorial Board.

Aqua Pages is THE place to find connections within your local community by fellow members in your area, and THE place to find great pieces, insights, tips, and useful stuff by people experienced in your interests. (click here to find out more about the current Aqua Pages Editorial Board)