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    Aqua Pages
    The Global Online Community for ALL Who LOVE the WATER

    Aqua Pages™ Mission:

    More FUN On the Water ... With More People ... In More Places

    Aqua Pages™ is designed for the serious / casual / would-be SCUBA Diver / Sailor / Fisherman / Swimmer / Boater / Canoeist / Kayaker. Aqua Pages is a Service for the Global Community of these people, clubs and advertisers who have one thing in common: a Love of being on, in or by the water.

    To pick on one sport, the MORE ... Tab looks at how Aqua Pages can serve the SCUBA Community. Aqua Pages will do similar things for other Aquatic Communities.

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Aqua Pages

A Community devoted to all things Aquatic:
Sports - Commerce - Conservation
The Aqua Pages COMMUNITY

Aqua Pages is a Community first, and a web site second. The web site is simply a tool to help bring the Community together. The Aqua Pages Community has:

If YOU are someone who:
  • Members - Individuals who love the water. We can be interested in the aquatic sports, or be interest in other aquatic issues (such as real estate, businesses or aquatic environmentalism)
  • Clubs represent the cornerstones of aquatic communities by actually doing things we all love - and Aqua Pages loves clubs!!! The aquatic-based Clubs (local, regional, national, and international) are the core of Aqua Pages (see Aqua Pages ... We Love Clubs)
  • Advertisers - Businesses that recognize and support our Community and offer products and services to Aqua Pages members and Clubs.
And just like any Community, the more you participate, the more you help others while adding to your own experiences. The Aqua Pages Community can suggest exciting news articles, interesting blogs, ask and answer questions through the forums, and generally share their love of the water with other members..

Every Member is part of the overall Aqua Pages Community. And there are multiple ways to connect to other Members within the Community:
  • Sport-specific Communities - identify members interested in sailing, diving, fishing, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.
  • Regional Communities - find other Members or Clubs in geographic areas
  • Site-specific Communities - connect with other Members or Clubs on specific bodies of water
  • Club Communities - search for and find clubs in your sport in your community.
WE LOVE CLUBS at Aqua Pages

The creators of Aqua Pages have been presidents of SCUBA clubs, captains of college Crew teams, commodores of local sailing clubs, parents of swim team members, skiing and wakeboarding enthusiasts, and avid fishermen. We know how hard it is, on so many levels, to make a club work. And we want to help you.

Partnering with Aqua Pages can help you:
  • Grow your Club, in both size and prestige
  • Manage your Membership, including current and new members
  • Inform your Members of upcoming events and find organizational help
  • Publicize your Activities & Competitions to members only, or for the entire Community to participate
  • Ease the Administrative Burden on your officers and consistently helpful members
  • Earn $$$ (that's money!) for your club
If any of this is interesting, please Contact Us for more details.