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    Aqua Pages
    The Global Online Community for ALL Who LOVE the WATER

    Aqua Pages™ Mission:

    More FUN On the Water ... With More People ... In More Places

    Aqua Pages™ is designed for the serious / casual / would-be SCUBA Diver / Sailor / Fisherman / Swimmer / Boater / Canoeist / Kayaker. Aqua Pages is a Service for the Global Community of these people, clubs and advertisers who have one thing in common: a Love of being on, in or by the water.

    To pick on one sport, the MORE ... Tab looks at how Aqua Pages can serve the SCUBA Community. Aqua Pages will do similar things for other Aquatic Communities.

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Aqua Pages

A Community devoted to all things Aquatic:
Sports - Commerce - Conservation
Aqua Pages was Created by PEOPLE LIKE YOU

We grew up:
  • Sailing off of the east and west coast of the US
  • Water skiing in the lakes of Georgia
  • Canoeing in mountain streams
  • Boating onshore and offshore
  • Swimming in pools across the US
  • SCUBA Diving in Florida, Hawaii, California, Alabama, and even Australia
  • Fishing, shrimping, and crabbing in the bayous and offshore marshes of Louisiana
  • Traveling to any location that had a beach, in the US or elsewhere.
We love the water. Any activity that brings us closer to it is an activity we want to try.

Aqua Pages was Created for PEOPLE LIKE YOU

We were always wondering: How can we help people have more fun on, in , and around the water? And how do you have that fun in nearby, new, and exciting places?

There has never been one single place where water-lovers could meet, trade info and stories, share pictures and future plans, and so much more. There has never been one single place to go for all things wet. Until now. Aqua Pages is that place.

If YOU are someone who:
  • Loves the ocean - Aqua Pages is for you!
  • Lives for weekends of boating, diving, fishing, wakeboarding, etc. - Aqua Pages is for you!
  • Competes in sailing regattas, fishing tournaments, swim meets, or surfing competitions - Aqua Pages is for you!
  • Longs for a vacation to the beach, lake, island, or cruise ship - Aqua Pages is for you!
  • Thinks about and searches for your oceanfront condo or lakefront home - Aqua Pages is for you!
And Aqua Pages is so much more! There is finally one place to find all the info you need, give and get advice from others in your sport/hobby, and find and help build clubs that are the cornerstone of each of the Aquatic Sports on Aqua Pages.